Founded in September 2001 (registered charity no.1088308), The Rockdale Trust supports grass-root initiatives in the United Kingdom and Zambia.

We are a global community of individuals who believe that the key to alleviating poverty and achieving sustained community transformation lies in education and gender equality. Whether we are collecting and distributing books to school children, introducing medical campaigns to combat the spread of disease, or identifying and supporting women’s micro-enterprise projects, The Rockdale Trust team have one thing in common—a desire to help people to transform their own communities and build a better future for their children and communities.

To make more effective use of limited resources, our work is divided into two category.

  • Health Promotion 
    We create networks and carry out campaigns that benefits the advancement of health and healthy lifestyle both in England and Zambia.

  • Education transformation
    We support schools and programs that serve economically disadvantaged communities. These initiatives focus on academic excellence, fine arts and character development, especially among women and girls who contribute to the betterment of their families and communities.

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